What We See

Short Story 10

“It can kill you.”

“No, it cannot kill me. Although it certainly can take me to a different world altogether.”

“See! It’s the devil in disguise. I know of a man who went in it, never to come back.”

“He wasn’t the first, you know.”

“Exactly my point! You get drawn in it like a traveler stuck in a desert storm.”

“But that’s the case, of all the things we love and hold dear.”

“And that’s the case too, of the things we hate and fear.”

“We see what we seek, not the other way round.”

“That’s very deep, you know and it doesn’t gives me any comfort.”

“Oh, it’s not what you think it is. Only when you learn to embrace it and make it your own, you will see how the greatest of your fears can become the thing you come to love the most.”

“But as I look into it, I don’t see any of that.”

“That’s its beauty. You see what you feel. What you fear.”

He cast a glance but true to what his friend said, he felt only fear. And his friend? To him, it was the embodiment of freedom and love itself.

The Swimming Pool was one hotbed of emotions.


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