Short Story 16

He couldn’t see the world like he used to. Something felt unreal.
No, he hadn’t lost any of his sense. He was in perfect health. The only thing amiss was his mobile. He had lost it a day back.

He knew it would be a week before he could buy a new one. He didn’t have a spare. Moving on with life without his constant companion made him feel vulnerable. He felt as if a part of his arm had been cut off.

Walking back home was a new experience. Without his headphones, he could actually hear people speaking. He felt the throngs of people around him, the cars rushing through the lanes, the sounds of the evening prayer. The monotony of the music player was replaced by something entirely different.

He felt like a kid who had stumbled in a new land.

He wished to capture this world, the sights, the smell and the sound of it all. He had walked past it numerous times but he had never noticed it all. He went for his pockets to take out his mobile. Only then he remembered. His mobile was no more with him.

Freedom came but at a cost.


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