All That Can Happen

Short Story 11

A man jumped from the terrace, right onto the ground. Passerby’s were flabbergasted, but soon they had rushed towards him. He opened his eyes, and before he could get the words out of his mouth, the life went out of him.

But the King was a just ruler, choosing to dispense justice as early as possible. For justice delayed was justice denied, something he was averse to doing. He was a popular ruler, but within his own court there was a plan scheming against him.

He was the best athlete, the joy and pride of the country. His records were not his own alone. And finally the day had come when his life, personal and professional would be made known to them all.

The zombies were an adept species, one that had scared the child for a very long time. Just as he was turning off the lights, he heard a sound coming from under his bed.

He couldn’t let her, the love of his life, the reason why he breathed and lived, walk away with a different man, to a different life. He would stop her. He had a plan in mind.

The two brothers had been separated at birth and it was not surprising to see them choose two contradictory paths. But few had fathomed that the survival of one would depend on the death of the other.

Everyone was an enemy. The place was foreign to him. He knew he could trust no one. He was on his own.

With so much at stake, the bookstore was one happening place.


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