We Need To Talk : PART I

Short Story 06


‘Time, distance and space, these things best make sense in a Star Wars film. But not in love.’

It was a fancy start to the all-important letter he was writing. It could make-or-break his relationship. Arranging his thoughts in his head, he went back to typing,

‘You would know that emails are something I detest. But today, when I seek to speak and understand, I have taken leave of WhatsApp. There, I read to reply, not to understand. And maybe that, my inability to differentiate between the two has brought us to this stage today.’

He read it twice, hardly believing what he was writing. It was as if the mere change of medium had changed him. He went on writing,

‘We can separate, we can go our own ways and we can spend a lifetime to think of what went wrong. Or we can take a break. Reconcile with who we were once and what became of us. I realize that as time passes by, we change and so does our relationship. All the ups and down of it are akin to the seas that the ship ventures into. For just like the ship that steadies itself and emerges stronger after a storm, we too can deal with this phase.’

Yes, he was nearly at the end of his letter. He dribbled his hand over the desk, before typing out the final line,

‘Surely, we can re-begin?’


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